"Thank you for being the right person to help our daughter be able to hear properly...she is a new child"

Family S (grommet surgery)

" I wish to give you my heartfelt thanks & express my immense gratitude for the wonderful service you have performed to restore my hearing....your skill, dedication and commitment has not gone unnoticed" Mrs EK (post stapedectomy)

"Talia's sleep and hearing has improved AMAZINGLY!!, many thanks"

Mr & Mrs  W  (post grommet insertion and adenotonsillectomy)

"We would like to express our great thanks to you for the extreme devotion and utmost care and kindness you displayed to our son."

Mr & Mrs B

"Thank you indeed for your time and consideration.....may you continue with your wonderful work" Mrs RM

"We came to you confused and dazed, after hearing horrible ideas in regards to our 2yr old son who didn’t speak and his development. You gave us the knowledge and strength to make the choice we were pondering with- which turned out to be one of the best choices we ever made- he just had troubles hearing due to glue ear. We went through with Grommets and Adenoidectomy, performed by you. Within three days of the surgery our son started talking, relating to other children, being sociable and understands what we tell him- such a change! He also doesn’t suffer as much from a stuffed runny nose like he used to before the surgery. You are an amazing man, ....... Words cannot express how grateful we are for what you did for us- literally gave us our son’s future. We’re happy to recommend you to everyone we know"

Mr & Mrs AK

“Overall a great job & I thought thanks were in order”

Mr MS – ear surgery

“Thanks for the extra special, personalised, convenient medical care”

Mr & Mrs PP – paediatric breathing problems

“my thanks to Mr Benjamin for his expertise, care and attention”

Mrs RB – swallowing surgery

“thank you so very much for diagnosing, operating and assisting me back to having a quality of life again”

Mrs JV – ear surgery

“I can not explain to you the joy you gave to the family, my little boy is sleeping now…I thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Mrs AO – paediatric sleep-disordered breathing

“I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for our son…your kindness, professionalism and passion shows in the work that you do and the care and attention you give your patients and families”

Mr & Mrs AB – paediatric tonsil surgery

“Dear Dr Benjamin, Thank you for taking my tonsils and adenoids out so nicely”

Miss LP age 4

"thank you so much for everything you have done for me.....I feel like a new person and with my hearing back, I am sooo happy!
Miss FN - hearing problem
"thank you so much for your care and patience...discussing the various options with me..I appreciated your thoroughness, I feel reassured."
Miss T A - hearing problem

"I want to say the biggest thank you ever for myself and my family for restoring my hearing...it has given me my confidence back. From the first appointment through to the operation I could not have asked for a better service"

Mrs LC - ear surgery

"Please accept my gratitude for your amazing diagnostic skills...I thank you ever gratefully for your promptness and diligence regarding my treatment"

Mr SG - Nasal disease