Research & Publications

Mr Benjamin has published numerous peer reviewed academic papers as well as many reviews, abstracts and historical articles.

Peer Reviewed original articles:

1. Chlorine Induced Anosmia. A Case Presentation.

E.Benjamin, J.Pickles. Journal of Laryngology & Otology. November 1997 Vol 3, pp. 1075-1076

2. Haemangioblastoma of a cervical sensory nerve root in Von Hippel Lindau Disease.

A.McEvoy, E.Benjamin, M. Powell. European Spine Journal (2000) 9(5):434-436

3. The Prevalence of Helicobacter Pylori in Patients with Benign Laryngeal Conditions or Head and Neck Cancer,. J. Rubin, E. Benjamin, A. Prior, J Lavy Journal of Voice, 2002 Vol 16 (1), 87-91
4. Treatment of Primary mucosal Head & Neck Squamous Cancer using Photodynamic therapy, Results after 25 cases. M. Dilkes, E. Benjamin, S. Ovaisi, A. Banerjee, Journal of Laryngology & Otology 2003, Vol 117(9), 713-717 Clinical Oncology, Volume 14 December 2020 pg 508


5. Jet ventilation in anaesthesia. T. Kuwani, E. Benjamin, DJA. Vaughn. CPD Anaesthesia, 2002 4(3) 121-123

6. The Prevalence of Helicobacter Pylori in Patients with in malignant and premalignant conditions of the head and neck. J. Rubin, E. Benjamin, A. Prior, J Lavy, Journal of Laryngology & Otology 2003, Vol 117(2), 118-121
7. A rare case of Crohn’s disease in head & neck surgery. M. Clark, E. Benjamin, G. Alusi

Journal of Laryngology & Otology 2003, Vol 117(2), 146-147

8. A Head and Neck Cancer database for the 21st Century. E.Benjamin, G. Alusi

Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 2004 Nov: 86(6):406-6, Abstract in Clinical oncology, 2003 Vol. 15 Supp 3, p3

9. “Moffett’s” – A review of the evidence and scientific basis for the topical preparation of the nose.

E.Benjamin., D.Wong, D.Choa. Clinical Otolaryngology and Allied Sciences Volume 29, Issue 6, Page 582-587, December 2005

10. The Farrior-Olaizola mastoidectomy technique in the management of squamous chronic suppurative otitis media: A Retrospective Audit of 34 Consecutive Adult and 23 Paediatric Cases. R. P. S. Harar, S. Abramovich, A. D. Mace, J. Panesar, E. Benjamin Clinical Otolaryngology, 2005, Vol 30, 269-273

11. Surgical Skills Box – a new training aid for surgical trainees Carr ERM, Benjamin E ,Journal of Laryngology and Otology, 2006 Vol 120, pp133-134

12. Massive extraoral and parapharyngeal teratoma with middle cranial fossa extension in a premature infant. D. Crampsey, E. Benjamin, B. Hartley, C M Bailey,Archives Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery 2006 Vol 133, pp 290-292
13. Images in clinical medicine: Oesophageal perforation with asymptomatic lung abscess formation, secondary to foreign body impaction.

J. E. D. Mawdsley, N. Maleki, E. Benjamin M. Adams, D. Bansi , Lancet 2006; 368:Issue 9552, 2104

Benjamin E. Harcourt J. Clinical Otolaryngology & allied science; 2007;32, 120-135
15. Post neck surgery haematoma airway obstruction, An in-vitro model. E Carr., E. Benjamin, Journal of Laryngology and Otology (in     
16. A multidisciplinary audit of clinical coding accuracy in otolaryngology: financial, managerial and clinical governance considerations under payment by results. E. Nouraei, S O’Hanlon, C Butler, A Hadovsky, E Donald, E Benjamin, G. Sandhu Clinical Otolaryngology & allied science (In Press)
        17. The “cotton bud technique” as a cure for hiccups. J. Brostoff, J. Birns, E. Benjamin Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and Head & 
        18. Is UPSIT an Appropriate test of olfactory function for the UK population? E. Benjamin, N. Muirhead, , H. Saleh (Rhinology – 


Abstracts, Historical Articles, Reviews etc :

       1. Diurnal changes in bending and compressive stresses acting on the lumbar spine.
    P.Dolan, E.Benjamin, M.A. Adams. Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (1993) 75-B: Suppl 1 p22
2. “The Man and his Tube” - Bartolomeus Eustachius 1520-1574.E.Benjamin “The character behind the eponym” in CME Otolaryngology                     
    May 2000; 4:70-70
3. “The men and their forks”- Heinrich Adolf Rinne 1819-1868 & Ernst Heinrich Weber 1795-1878.

E.Benjamin. “The character behind the eponym” in CME Otolaryngology February 2001; 4: 120-121

4. “The Man & His Box” - Robert Bárány 1876-1937. E.Benjamin

    “The character behind the eponym” in CME Otolaryngology 2001; 5:26-27

5. Book Review on “Practical Management of the Dizzy Patient” by Joel Goebel

    ENT News April 2001;10:1, 77

6. “The Lady and her Syndrome” Lucja Frey. 1889-1943. E. Benjamin

     The character behind the eponym” in CME Otolaryngology 2001; 5(3): 110

7. Book Review on “Physiology of the Ear” by A. Jahn & J. Santos-Saachi

    ENT News January 2002;10:6, 75

8. Consideration in Treating Allergic Rhinitis. E.Benjamin, R. Dhillon
   Primary Care in the New NHS, Publication of the Association of Primary Care Groups and Trusts, Scorpio Publishing Ltd, August 2003.

9. A retrospective analysis of three years’ experience of the one stop head and neck clinic. E. Benjamin, T. Iygkaran, R Farrel, R. Remedios, 

    T. Levin Journal of Laryngology & Otology 2003, Vol 117, suppl 29, p54 , Clinical Oncology, 2003, Vol 15 Supp 3, p11

10. Microsuction – A Source of Contamination. E.Benjamin, M. Ruddy, C. East Journal of Laryngology & Otology 2003, Vol 117, suppl 

      29,  p66

11. “The Man & his Scopes” Sir Victor Negus. 1887-1974. E. Benjamin CME Otolaryngology 2003 Vol 7 no.3: 61-115
12. Ultrasound guided Fine Needle aspiration of head & neck masses: A 3 year retrospective analysis. Iyngkaran T, Benjamin E, 
      Rajeswaran A, Remedios D, Medical Journal of Malaysia 2004 Feb 59 Suppl A:
13: In Vitro study investigating post neck surgery haematoma airway obstruction. E Carr, E. Benjamin ,The Otolaryngologist 2008; 2(2): 92-